Pouring into the Black science community.

The year 2020 has been filled with adversity for many. Black communities have and always will achieve throughout adversity, but this sometimes comes at a cost. Voices that were once used to educate and advocate for science were sacrificed and became overwhelmed with tired cries for racial justice and world peace.

There is a great need in the science communication community for a retreat and re-centering. To satisfy this need, I founded Black In Science Communication (BISC). We organize resources, events, and opportunities to create progress for science communicators, with an emphasis on amplifying voices in the Black community. BISC is supported by a large and diverse group of volunteers and sponsors that wish to positively impact the science community. This important work is not done alone— please visit this page to see the list of individuals that have contributed to organizing the group.

Raven Baxter
Founder and Lead Organizer of Black in Science Communication