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Celebrating Black excellence in Science Communication.

Provide community, support, and resources to Black science communicators.


Black in Science Communication provides a space for Black science communicators to engage, grow, and educate. We coordinate opportunities for others to receive support and resources in pursuing their science communication careers.

We operate with a goal of cultivating a community for Black science communicators to focus on their voices in science in the same ways that they use their voices for non-science communication. Join us for Black In SciComm week, a week to re-center and remind us of the importance of our voices in science.

Our community is constantly growing and engaging new members. People all over the world have a joint goal to support Black Science Community and help them to express themselves in various fields as a scientist, biologist, essay writer, professor, physiсist, etc. If this idea is close to you, we will be glad to see you joining us on Black In SciComm week.

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